《西游记》詹纳尔译本 第一回(英汉对照)


第一回  Chapter 1

灵根育孕源流出  The Divine Root Conceives and the Spring Breaks Forth

心性修持大道生 "As the Heart's Nature Is Cultivated, the Great Way Arises"

诗曰混沌未分天地乱 "Before Chaos was divided, Heaven and Earth were one;"

茫茫渺渺无人见 "All was a shapeless blur, and no men had appeared."

自从盘古破鸿蒙, Once Pan Gu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness

开辟从兹清浊辨 The separation of clear and impure began.

覆载群生仰至仁, Living things have always tended towards humanity;

发明万物皆成善 From their creation all beings improve.

欲知造化会元功, "If you want to know about Creation and Time,"

须看《西游释厄传》 Read Difficulties Resolved on the Journey to the West.

盖闻天地之数,有十二万九千六百岁为一元 "In the arithmetic of the universe, 129,600 years make one cycle."

将一元分为十二会, Each cycle can be divided into twelve phases:

乃子、丑、寅、卯、辰、巳、午、未、申、酉、戌、亥之十二支也 "I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII, the twelve branches."

每会该一万八百岁 "Each phase lasts 10,800 years."

且就一日而论子时得阳气, "Now within a single day, the positive begins at the time I;"

而丑则鸡鸣; at II the cock crows;

寅不通光, at III it is not quite light;

而卯则日出; at IV the sun rises;

辰时食后, V is after breakfast;

而巳则挨排; and at VI one does business.

日午天中, VII is when the sun reaches noon;

而未则西蹉; at VIII it is slipping towards the West;

申时晡而日落酉; IX is late afternoon;the sun sets at X;

戌黄昏而人定亥 XI is dusk; and at XII people settle down for the night.

譬于大数,若到戌会之终,则天地昏曚而万物否矣 "If you compare this with the big numbers, then at the end of Phase XI Heaven and Earth were still one, and no beings had appeared."

再去五千四百岁,交亥会之初,则当黑暗,而两间人物俱无矣, "5,400 years later came the beginning of Phase XII, when all was darkness and there were still no people or other creatures;"

故曰混沌 for this reason it was called Chaos.

又五千四百岁,亥会将终,贞下起元, "Another 5,400 years later Phase XII was drawing to a close and a new cycle was about to begin."

近子之会,而复逐渐开明 "As Phase I of the new era approached, gradually there was light."

邵康节曰冬至子之半,天心无改移 "As Shao Yong said,""When winter reaches the mid-point of Phase I, The heart of Heaven does not move."

一阳初动处, Where the Positive first appears

万物未生时 "Nothing has yet come to life."""

到此,天始有根 "At this time, Heaven first had a foundation."

再五千四百岁,正当子会,轻清上腾,有日,有月,有星,有辰 "5,400 years later, in the middle of Phase I, the light and pure rose upwards, and sun, moon, stars, and constellations were created."

日、月、星、辰,谓之四象 These were called the Four Images.

故曰,天开于子 Hence the saying that heaven began in I.

又经五千四百岁,子会将终,近丑之会,而逐渐坚实 "Another 5,400 years later, when Phase I was nearing its end and Phase II was imminent, things gradually solidified."

《易》曰大哉乾元! "As the Book of Changes says, ""Great is the Positive;"

至哉坤元! far-reaching is the Negative!

万物资生,乃顺承天 "All things are endowed and born in accordance with Heaven."""

至此,地始凝结 This was when the earth began to congeal.

再五千四百岁,正当丑会,重浊下凝,有水,有火,有山,有石,有土 "After 5,400 more years came the height of Phase II, when the heavy and impure solidified, and water, fire, mountains, stone, and Earth came into being."

水、火、山、石、土,谓之五形 These five were called the Five Movers.

故曰,地辟于丑 Therefore it is said that the Earth was created in Phase II.

又经五千四百岁,丑会终而寅会之初,发生万物 "After a further 5,400 years, at the end of Phase II and the beginning of the Phase III, living beings were created."

历曰天气下降,地气上升; "In the words of the Book of the Calendar, ""The essence of the sky came down and the essence of earth went up."

天地交合,群物皆生 "Heaven and Earth intermingled, and all creatures were born."""

至此,天清地爽,阴阳交合 "Then Heaven was bright and Earth was fresh, and the Positive intermingled with the Negative."

再五千四百岁,正当寅会,生人,生兽,生禽, "5,400 years later, when Phase III was at its height, men, birds and beasts were created."

正谓天地人,三才定位 "Thus the Tee Powers--Heaven, Earth and Man--now had their set places."

故曰,人生于寅 Therefore it is said that man was created in Phase III.

感盘古开辟,三皇治世,五帝定伦, "Moved by Pan Gu's creation, the Tee Emperors put the world in order and the Five Rulers laid down the moral code."

世界之间,遂分为四大部洲 The world was then divided into four great continents:

曰东胜神洲,曰西牛贺洲, "The Eastern Continent of Superior Body, the Western Continent of Cattle?"

曰南赡部洲,曰北俱芦洲 "gift, the Southern Continent of Jambu and the Northern Continent of Kuru."

这部书单表东胜神洲 This book dea only with the Eastern Continent of Superior Body.

海外有一国土,名曰傲来国 Beyond the seas there is a country called Aolai.

国近大海,海中有一座名山,唤为花果山 "This country is next to an ocean, and in the middle of the ocean is a famous island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit."

此山乃十洲之祖脉,三岛之来龙, "This mountain is the ancestral artery of the Ten Continents, the origin of the Tee Islands;"

自开清浊而立,鸿蒙判后而成 it was formed when the clear and impure were separated and the Enormous Vagueness was divided.

真个好山!有词赋为证 It is a really splendid mountain and there are some verses to prove it:

赋曰势镇汪洋, "It stil the ocean with its might,"

威宁瑶海 It awes the jade sea into calm.

势镇汪洋, It stil the ocean with its might:

潮涌银山鱼入穴; Tides wash its silver slopes and fish swim into its caves.

威宁瑶海, It awes the jade sea into calm:

波翻雪浪蜃离渊 Amid the snowy breakers the sea serpent rises from the deep.

水火方隅高积土, It rises high in the corner of the world where Fire and Wood meet;

东海之处耸崇巅 Its summit towers above the Eastern Sea.

丹崖怪石, Red cliffs and strange rocks;

削壁奇峰 Beetling crags and jagged peaks.

丹崖上,彩凤双鸣; On the red cliffs phoenixes sing in pairs;

削壁前,麒麟独卧 Lone unicorns lie before the beetling crags.

峰头时听锦鸡鸣, The cry of pheasants is heard upon the peaks;

石窟每观龙出入 In caves the dragons come and go.

林中有寿鹿仙狐, There are deer of long life and magic foxes in the woods;

树上有灵禽玄鹤 Miraculous birds and black cranes in the trees.

瑶草奇花不谢, There are flowers of jade and strange plants that wither not;

青松翠柏长春 "Green pine and bluish cypress ever in leaf,"

仙桃常结果, Magic peaches always in fruit.

修竹每留云 Clouds gather round the tall bamboo.

一条涧壑藤萝密, The wisteria grows thick around the mountain brook

四面原堤草色新 And the banks around are newly-coloured with flowers.

正是百川会处擎天柱,万劫无移大地根 "It is the Heaven-supporting pillar where all the rivers meet,The Earth's root, unchanged tough a myriad aeons."

那座山正当顶上,有一块仙石其石有三丈六尺五寸高,有二丈四尺围圆 There was once a magic stone on the top of this mountain which was thirty-six feet five inches high and twenty-four feet round.

三丈六尺五寸高,按周天三百六十五度;二丈四尺围圆,按政历二十四气 "It was thirty-six feet five inches high to correspond with the 365 degrees of the heavens, and twenty-four feet round to match the twenty-four divisions of the solar calendar."

上有九窍八孔,按九宫八卦 "On top of it were nine apertures and eight holes, for the Nine Palaces and the Eight Trigrams."

四面更无树木遮阴,左右倒有芝兰相衬 "There were no trees around it to give shade, but magic fungus and orchids clung to its sides."

盖自开辟以来,每受天真地秀,日精月华, "Ever since Creation began it had beenreceiving the truth of Heaven, the beauty of Earth, the essence of the Sun and the splendour of the Moon;"

感之既久,遂有灵通之意 and as it had been influenced by them for so long it had miraculous powers.

内育仙胞,一日迸裂,产一石卵,似圆球样大 "It developed a magic womb, which burst open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball."

因见风,化作一个石猴五官俱备,四肢皆全 "When the wind blew on this egg it turned into a stone monkey, complete with the five senses and four limbs."

便就学爬学走,拜了四方 "When the stone monkey had learned to crawl and walk, he bowed to each of the four quarters."

目运两道金光,射冲斗府惊动高天上圣大慈仁者玉皇大天尊玄穹高上帝,驾座金阙云宫灵霄宝殿,聚集仙卿, "As his eyes moved, two beams of golden light shot towards the Pole Star palace and startled the Supreme Heavenly Sage, the Greatly Compassionate Jade Emperor of the Azure Vault of Heaven, who was sitting surrounded by his immortal ministers on his tone"

见有金光焰焰,即命千里眼、顺风耳开南天门观看 When he saw the dazzling golden light he ordered Thousand-mile Eye and Wind-accompanying Ear to open the Southern Gate of Heaven and take a look.

二将果奉旨出门外,看的真,听的明 "The two officers went out tough the gate in obedience to the imperial command, and while one observed what was going on the other listened carefully."

须臾回报道 Soon afterwards they reported back:

臣奉旨观听金光之处, """In obedience to the Imperial Mandate your subjects observed and listened to the source of the golden light."

乃东胜神洲海东傲来小国之界,有一座花果山, "We found that at the edge of the country of Aolai, which is East of the ocean belonging to the Eastern Continent of Superior Body, there is an island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit."

山上有一仙石,石产一卵,见风化一石猴,在那里拜四方, "A magic stone on the top of this mountain produced a magic egg, and when the wind blew on this egg it turned into a stone monkey which bowed to each of the four quarters."

眼运金光,射冲斗府 "When he moved his eyes, golden light shot towards the Pole Star Palace;"

如今服饵水食,金光将潜息矣 "but now that he is eating and drinking, the golden light is gradually dying."""

玉帝垂赐恩慈曰下方之物,乃天地精华所生, "In his benevolence and mercy the Jade Emperor said, ""Creatures down below are born of the essence of heaven and earth:"

不足为异 "there is nothing remarkable about him."""

那猴在山中,却会行走跳跃,食草木,饮涧泉,采山花,觅树果; "On his mountain the monkey was soon able to run and jump, feed from plants and trees, drink from brooks and springs, pick mountain flowers and look for fruit."

与狼虫为伴,虎豹为群,獐鹿为友,猕猿为亲; "He made friends with the wolves, went around with the tigers and leopards, was on good terms with the deer, and had the other monkeys and apes for relations."

夜宿石崖之下,朝游峰洞之中 "At night he slept under the rockfaces, and he roamed around the peaks and caves by day."

真是山中无甲子,寒尽不知年 "As the saying so rightly goes, ""There is no calendar in the mountains, and when winter's over you don't know the time of year."""

一朝天气炎热,与群猴避暑,都在松阴之下顽耍 On hot mornings he and all the other monkeys would play under the shade of some pines to avoid the heat.

你看他一个个 Just look at them all:

跳树攀枝,采花觅果; "Climbing trees, picking flowers, looking for fruit;"

抛弹子,邷么儿; "Towing pellets, playing knucklebones;"

跑沙窝,砌宝塔; "Running round sandy hollows, building stone pagodas;"

赶蜻蜓,扑蚆蜡; Chasing dragonflies and catching locusts;

参老天,拜菩萨; Worshipping the sky and visiting Bodhisattvas;

扯葛藤,编草帓; Tearing off creepers and weaving straw hats;

捉虱子,咬又掐; Catching fleas then popping them with their teeth and fingers;

理毛衣,剔指甲; Grooming their coats and sharpening their nai;

挨的挨,擦的擦;推的推,压的压;扯的扯, "Beating, scratching, pushing, squashing, tearing and tugging;"

拉的拉青松林下任他顽, Playing all over the place under the pine trees;

绿水涧边随洗濯 Washing themselves beside the green stream.

一群猴子耍了一会,却去那山涧中洗澡见那股涧水奔流,真个似滚瓜涌溅 "After playing, the monkeys would go and bathe in the stream, a mountain torrent that tumbled along like rolling melons."

古云禽有禽言,兽有兽语 "There is an old saying, ""Birds have bird language and, anima have animal talk."""

众猴都道这股水不知是那里的水 "All the monkeys said to each other, ""I wonder where that water comes from."

我们今日赶闲无事,顺涧边往上溜头寻看源流,耍子去耶! "We've got nothing ee to do today, so wouldn't it be fun to go upstream and find its source?"""

喊一声,都拖男挈女,唤弟呼兄,一齐跑来, "With a shout they all ran off, leading their children and calling to their brothers."

顺涧爬山,直至源流之处,乃是一股瀑布飞泉 "They climbed up the mountain beside the stream until they reached its source, where a waterfall cascaded from a spring."

但见那一派白虹起, "They saw One white rainbow arching,"

千寻雪浪飞 "A thousand strands of flying snow,"

海风吹不断, "Unbroken by the sea winds,"

江月照还依 Still there under the moon.

冷气分青嶂, "Cold air divides the greeny crags,"

馀流润翠微 Splashes moisten the mountainside;

潺湲名瀑布, "A noble waterfall cascades,"

真似挂帘帷 Hanging suspended like a curtain.

众猴拍手称扬道好水!好水! "The monkeys clapped their hands and explained with delight, ""What lovely water."

原来此处远通山脚之下,直接大海之波 "It must go all the way to the bottom of the mountain and join the waves of the sea."""

又道 Then one monkey made a suggestion:


If anyone is clever enough to go tough the fall, find the source, and come out in one piece, let's make him our king."

连呼了三声,忽见丛杂中跳出一名石猴,应声高叫道我进去!我进去! "When this challenge had been shouted tee times, the stone monkey leapt out from the crowd and answered at the top of his voice, ""I'll go, I'll go."""

好猴! Splendid monkey!

也是他今日芳名显, Indeed:Today he will make his name;

时来大运通 Tomorrow his destiny shall triumph.

有缘居此地, He is fated to live here;

天遣入仙宫 As a King he will enter the Immorta' palace.

你看他瞑目蹲身,将身一纵,径跳入瀑布泉中, "Watch him as he shuts his eyes, crouches, and springs, leaping straight into the waterfall."

忽睁睛抬头观看,那里边却无水无波, "When he opened his eyes and raised his head to look round, he saw neither water nor waves."

明明朗朗的一架桥梁 "A bridge stood in front of him, as large as life."

他住了身,定了神,仔细再看,原来是座铁板桥 "He stopped, calmed himself, took a closer look, and saw that the bridge was made of iron."

桥下之水,冲贯于石窍之间,倒挂流出去,遮闭了桥门 "The water that rushed under it poured out tough a fissure in the rocks, screening the gateway to the bridge."

却又欠身上桥头,再走再看,却似有人家住处一般, "He started walking towards the bridge, and as he looked he made out what seemed to be a house."

真个好所在 It was a really good place.

但见那 He saw:

翠藓堆蓝, "Emerald moss piled up in heaps of blue,"

白云浮玉, "White clouds like drifting jade,"

光摇片片烟霞 While the light flickered among wisps of coloured mist.

虚窗静室, "A quiet house with peaceful windows,"

滑凳板生花 Flowers growing on the smooth bench;

乳窟龙珠倚挂, "Dragon pear hanging in niches,"

萦回满地奇葩 Exotic blooms all around.

锅灶傍崖存火迹, "Traces of fire beside the stove,"

樽罍靠案见肴渣 Scraps of food in the vesse by the table.

石座石床真可爱, "Adorable stone chairs and beds,"

石盆石碗更堪夸 Even better stone plates and bow.

又见那一竿两竿修竹, "One or two tall bamboos,"

三点五点梅花 "Tee or four sprigs of plum blossom,"

几树青松常带雨, "A few pines that always attract rain,"

浑然像个人家 All just like a real home.

看罢多时,跳过桥中间,左右观看,只见正当中有一石碣 "He took a good, long look and then scampered to the middle of the bridge, from where he noticed a stone tablet."

碣上有一行楷书大字, On the tablet had been carved in big square letters:


石猿喜不自胜, The stone monkey was beside himself with glee.

急抽身往外便走,复瞑目蹲身,跳出水外, "He rushed away, shut his eyes, crouched, and leapt back tough the waterfall."

打了两个呵呵道大造化!大造化! """We're in luck, we're in luck,"" he said with a chuckle."

众猴把他围住,问道里面怎么样? "All the other monkeys crowded round him asking, ""What's it like in there?"

水有多深? "How deep is the water?"""

石猴道没水!没水! """There's no water, none at all,"" replied the stone monkey."

原来是一座铁板桥桥那边是一座天造地设的家当 """There's an iron bridge, and on the other side of thebridge there's a house that must have been made by Heaven and Earth."""

众猴道怎见得是个家当? """How ever could you see a house there?""the other monkeys asked."

石猴笑道 The stone monkey chuckled again.

这股水乃是桥下冲贯石窍,倒挂下来遮闭门户的 """The water here comes under the bridge and tough the rocks, and it hides the gateway to the bridge from view."

桥边有花有树,乃是一座石房 "There are flowers and trees by the bridge, and a stone house too."

房内有石锅、石灶、石碗、石盆、石床、石凳 "Inside the house are stone rooms, a stone stove, stone bow, stone plates, stone beds, and even stone benches."

中间一块石碣上,镌着‘花果山福地,水帘洞洞天’ "In the middle of it all is a tablet which says 'Happy Land of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, Cave Heaven of the Water Curtain'."

真个是我们安身之处里面且是宽阔,容得千百口老小 It's just the place for us to settle down in--there's room there for thousands.

我们都进去住,也省得受老天之气 "Let's all move in, then we won't have to put up with any more nonsense from heaven."

这里边刮风有处躲, "In thereWe can hide there from the wind,"

下雨好存身 "And shelter from the rain,"

霜雪全无惧, "With nothing to fear from frost and snow,"

雷声永不闻 And never a rumble of thunder.

烟霞常照耀, The coloured mists glow bright

祥瑞每蒸熏 And the place smel lucky.

松竹年年秀, "The pine and bamboo will always be beautiful,"

奇花日日新 "And rare flowers blossom every day."""

众猴听得,个个欢喜 "The other monkeys were all so delighted to hear this that they said, ""You go first and take us with you."""

都道你还先走,带我们进去,进去! "The stone monkey shut his eyes, crouched, and leapt in again, shouting, ""Follow me in, follow me in."

石猴却又瞑目蹲身,往里一跳,叫道都随我进来!进来! The braver monkeys all jumped tough.

那些猴有胆大的,都跳进去了; "The more timid ones peered forward, sank back, rubbed their ears, scratched their cheeks, shouted, and yelled at the top of their voices, before going in, all clinging to each other."


"After rushing across the bridge they all grabbed plates and snatched bow, bagged stoves and fought over beds, and moved everything around."

跳过桥头,一个个抢盆夺碗,占灶争床,搬过来,移过去, Monkeys are born naughty and they could not keep quiet for a single moment until they had worn themselves out moving things around.

正是猴性顽劣,再无一个宁时,只搬得力倦神疲方止 "The stone monkey sat himself in the main seat and said, ""Gentlemen, A man who breaks his word is worthless."

石猿端坐上面道列位呵,‘人而无,不知其可’ "Just now you said that if anyone was clever enough to come in here and get out again in one piece, you'd make him king."

你们才说有本事进得来,出得去,不伤身体者,就拜他为王 "Well, then. I've come in and gone out, and gone out and come in."

我如今进来又出去,出去又进来,寻了这一个洞天与列位安眠稳睡,各享成家之福, I've found you gentlemen a cave heaven where you can sleep in peace and all settle down to live in bliss.

何不拜我为王? "Why haven't you made me king?"""

众猴听说,即拱伏无违 "On hearing this all the monkeys bowed and prostrated themselves, not daring to disobey."

一个个序齿排班,朝上礼拜都称千岁大王 "They lined up in groups in order of age and paid their homage as at court, all acclaiming him as the ""Great King of a Thousand Years."""

自此,石猿高登王位,将石字儿隐了,遂称美猴王 "The stone monkey then took the tone, made the word ""stone"" taboo, and called himself Handsome Monkey King."

有诗为证 There is a poem to prove it that goes:

诗曰三阳交泰产群生, All things are born from the Tee positives;

仙石胞含日月精 The magic stone was quick with the essence of sun and moon.

借卵化猴完大道, An egg was turned into a monkey to complete the Great Way;

假他名姓配丹成 He was lent a name so that the elixir would be complete.

内观不识因无相, "Looking inside he perceives nothing because it has no form,"

外合明知作有形 Outside he uses his intelligence to create visible things.

历代人人皆属此, Men have always been like this:

称王称圣任纵横 Those who are called kings and sages do just as they wish.

美猴王领一群猿猴、猕猴、马猴等,分派了君臣佐使, "Taking control of his host of monkeys, apes, gibbons and others, the Handsome Monkey King divided them into rulers and subjects, assistants and officers."

朝游花果山,暮宿水帘洞, In the morning they roamed the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit and in the evening they settled down for the night in the Water Curtain Cave.

合契同情,不入飞鸟之丛,不从走兽之类, They made a compact that they would not join the ranks of the birds or go with the running beasts.

独自为王,不胜欢乐 "They had their own king, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves."

是以春采百花为饮食, "In spring they picked flowers for food and drink,"

夏寻诸果作生涯 In summer they lived off fruit.

秋收芋栗延时节, "In autumn they gathered tares and chestnuts,"

冬觅黄精度岁华 They got tough the winter on Solomon's seal.

美猴王享乐天真,何期有三五百载 "The Handsome Monkey King's innocent high spirits could not, of course, last tee or four hundred years."

一日,与群猴喜宴之间,忽然忧恼,堕下泪来 "One day he suddenly felt depressed during a banquet with his monkey host, and he started to weep."

众猴慌忙罗拜道大王何为烦恼? "The startled monkeys crowded round, bowed to him and asked, ""What's the matter, Your Majesty?"""

猴王道我虽在欢喜之时,却有一点儿远虑, """Although I'm happy now,"" the Monkey King replied, ""I'm worried about the future."

故此烦恼 "That's what's getting me down."""

众猴又笑道大王好不知足! "The other monkeys laughed and said, ""Your Majesty is being greedy."

我等日日欢会, We have parties every day;

在仙山福地,古洞神州, "we live in a mountain paradise, in an ancient cave in a divine continent."

不伏麒麟辖,不伏凤凰管,又不伏人间王位所拘束, "We are spared the rule of unicorns, the domination of phoenixes, and the restraints of human kings."

自由自在,乃无量之福, We are free to do just as we like--we are infinitely lucky.

为何远虑而忧也? "Why make yourself miserable worrying about the future?"""

猴王道今日虽不归人王法律,不惧禽兽威服, "To this the Monkey King replied, ""Yes, we don't have to submit to the laws and regulations of human kings, and we don't live in terror of the power of birds and beasts."

将来年老血衰,暗中有阎王老子管着, "But the time will come when we are old and weak, and the underworld is controlled by the King of Hell."

一旦身亡,可不枉生世界之中,不得久注天人之内? "When the time comes for us to die, we won't be able to go on living among the Blessed, and our lives will have been in vain."""

众猴闻此言,一个个掩面悲啼,俱以无常为虑 All the monkeys covered their faces and wept as everyone of them thought about death.

只见那班部中,忽跳出一个通背猿猴,厉声高叫道大王若是这般远虑,真所谓道心开发也! "Suddenly a gibbon jumped out from their ranks and sieked in a piercing voice, ""If Your Majesty is thinking so far ahead, this is the beginning of enlightenment."

如今五虫之内,惟有三等名色,不伏阎王老子所管 "Now of the Five Creatures, there are only tee that do not come under the jurisdiction of the King of Hell."""

猴王道你知那三等人? """Do you know which they are?"" asked the Monkey King."

猿猴道乃是佛与仙与神圣三者, """Yes,"" the ape replied. ""They are the Buddhas, the Immorta and the Sages."

躲过轮回, They are free from the Wheel of Reincarnation.

不生不灭, They are not born and they do not die.

与天地山川齐寿 "They are as eternal as Heaven and Earth, as the mountains and the rivers."""

猴王道此三者居于何所? """Where do they live?"" the Monkey King asked."

猿猴道他只在阎浮世界之中,古洞仙山之内 """Only in the human world,"" the ape replied, ""in ancient caves on magic mountains."""

猴王闻之,满心欢喜, The Monkey King was delighted to hear this.

道我明日就辞汝等下山, """I shall leave you all tomorrow,"" he said, ""and go down the mountain."

云游海角,远涉天涯,务必访此三者,学一个不老长生,常躲过阎君之难 "If I have to, I'll roam the corners of the oceans and go to the edge of the sky to find these tee kinds of beings and discover the secret of eternal youth that will keep us out of the clutches of the King of Hell for ever."""

噫! Goodness!

这句话,顿教跳出轮回网,致使齐天大圣成 Because of these words he was to learn how to be free from the Wheel of Reincarnation and become the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.

众猴鼓掌称扬,都道善哉!善哉! "All the monkeys clapped with approval and said, ""Great!Great!"

我等明日越岭登山,广寻些果品,大设筵宴送大王也 "Tomorrow we'll climb all over the mountain and get lots of fruit to give Your Majesty a really big banquet to send you off."""

次日,众猴果去采仙桃,摘异果,刨山药,劚黄精, "The next day the monkeys set out to pick magic peaches, gather rare fruits, dig out yams, and cutSolomon's seal."

芝兰香蕙,瑶草奇花,般般件件,整整齐齐,摆开石凳石桌,排列仙酒仙肴 "Magic fungus and fragrant orchid were collected, and everything was set on the stone benches and the stone tables, with fairy wine and dishes."

但见那金丸珠弹, "You could seeGolden pil and pearl pellets,"

红绽黄肥 Bursting red and plump yellow.

金丸珠弹腊樱桃,色真甘美; "The golden pil and pearl pellets were winter cherries, beautiful and sweet;"

红绽黄肥熟梅子,味果香酸 "The bursting red and plump yellow were ripe plums, tasty and sharp."

鲜龙眼,肉甜皮薄; "Fresh, sweet-fleshed longans with thin skins."

火荔枝,核小囊红 Fiery lichees with tiny stones in a red sack.

林檎碧实连枝献, "Branch after branch of crab-apples,"

枇杷缃苞带叶擎 Yellow-skinned loquats with their leaves on.

兔头梨子鸡心枣, Rabbit-head pears and chicken-heart jujubes

消渴除烦更解酲 "To quench your thirst, remove your cares, and sober you up."

香桃烂杏, "Fragrant peaches and tender apricots,"

美甘甘似玉液琼浆; As sweet and luscious as jade wine.

脆李杨梅, "Crisp plums and arbutus,"

酸荫荫如脂酥膏酪 As sharp as glistening yogurt.

红囊黑子熟西瓜, "Ripe melons with red coats and black seeds,"

四瓣黄皮大柿子 "Big, four-sectioned persimmons with yellow skins."

石榴裂破, Bursting pomegranates:

丹砂粒现火晶珠; Cinnabar pips shining like fire-crystal pear.

芋栗剖开, Opened water-chestnuts

坚硬肉团金玛瑙 With firm round flesh like golden agate.

胡桃银杏可传茶, Walnuts and gingko fruits to eat with tea;

椰子葡萄能做酒 Coconuts and grapes to make into wine.

榛松榧柰满盘盛, "Dishes loaded with pine cones, yew-nuts, filberts, and crab-apples;"

橘蔗柑橙盈案摆 "Tangerines, sugar-cane and oranges covering the table."

熟煨山药, "Hot roast yams,"

烂煮黄精 Tender boiled Solomon's-seal.

捣碎茯苓并薏苡, Pounded china-root and Job's tears.

石锅微火漫炊羹 Simmered in soup in a pot of stone.

人间纵有珍羞味, "Although we humans have rare delicacies to eat,"

怎比山猴乐更宁? We are no happier than those monkeys in the mountains.

群猴尊美猴王上坐,各依齿肩排于下边, The host of monkeys ushered the Handsome Monkey King to the seat of honour and sat down below him according to age.

一个个轮流上前,奉酒,奉花,奉果,痛饮了一日 "Each of them took it in turns to bring him wine, flowers, and fruit, and they drank hard for a whole day."

次日,美猴王早起,教小的们,替我折些枯松,编作筏子, "The next morning the Handsome Monkey King got up early and ordered, ""Children, tear down some old pines and make me a raft."

取个竹竿作篙,收拾些果品之类, Find a bamboo pole to punt with and load it up with fruit.

我将去也 "I'm going."""

果独自登筏,尽力撑开,飘飘荡荡,径向大海波中, "He went aboard the raft all by himself, pushed off with all his might, and floated off towards the waves of the ocean."

趁天风,来渡南赡部洲地界 He intended to sail with the wind and cross over to the Southern Jambu Continent.

这一去,正是那天产仙猴道行隆, "The heaven-born monkey, whose conduct was so noble,"

离山驾筏趁天风 Left his island to drift with heaven's winds.

飘洋过海寻仙道, "He sailed oceans and seas to find the Way of Immortality,"

立志潜心建大功 Deeply determined to do a great deed.

有分有缘休俗愿, The predestined one should not have vulgar longings;

无忧无虑会元龙 He can attain the primal truth without care or worry.

料应必遇知音者, "He is bound to find a kindred spirit,"

说破源流万法通 To explain the origins and the laws of nature.

也是他运至时来, He had chosen just the right time for his journey.

自登木筏之后,连日东南风紧,将他送到西北岸前,乃是南赡部洲地界 After he boarded his raft the Southeasterly wind blew hard for days on end and bore him to the Northwestern shore of the Southern Continent.

持篙试水,偶得浅水,弃了筏子,跳上岸来, "Testing the depth of the water with his pole he found that it was shallow, so he abandoned the raft and jumped ashore."

只见海边有人捕鱼、打雁、穵蛤、淘盐 "He saw humans by the coast, fishing, hunting geese, gathering clams, and extracting salt."

他走近前,弄个把戏,妆个齿虎,吓得那些人丢筐弃网,四散奔跑 "He went up to them, leaping around and making faces, which so scared them that they dropped their baskets and nets and fled in all directions as fast as they could."

将那跑不动的拿住一个,剥了他的衣裳,也学人穿在身上, "The Monkey King grabbed one of them who was a poor runner, stripped him of his clothes, and dressed himself in them like a human."

摇摇摆摆,穿州过府,在市廛中,学人礼,学人话 "He swaggered tough the provinces and prefectures, learning human behavior and human speech in the market places."

朝餐夜宿,一心里佛仙神圣之道,觅个长生不老之方 "Whether he was eating his breakfast or going to bed at nigh he was always asking about Buddhas, Immorta and Sages, and seeking the secret of eternal youth."

见世人都是为名为利之徒,更无一个为身命者 He observed that the people of the world were too concerned with fame and fortune to be interested in their fates.

正是那争名夺利几时休? When will the struggle for fame and fortune end?

早起迟眠不自由! "Toiling from morning till night, never pleasing yourself."

骑着驴骡思骏马, "Those who ride donkeys long for stallions,"

官居宰相望王侯 The Prime Minister always wants to be a prince.

只愁衣食耽劳碌, They only worry about having to stop work to eat or dress;

何怕阎君就取勾? They never fear that the King of Hell will come to get them.

继子荫孙图富贵,更无一个肯回头! "When trying to ensure their sons and grandsons inherit their wealth and power,They have no time to stop and think."

猴王参访仙道,无缘得遇 "Although he asked about the way of the Immorta, the Monkey King was unable to meet one."

在于南赡部洲,串长城,游小县,不觉八九年馀 "He spent eight or nine years in the Southern Jambu Continent, going tough its great wal and visiting its little counties."

忽行至西洋大海,他想着海外必有神仙 "When he found that he had reached the Great Western Ocean he thought that there must be Sages and Immorta on the other side of it, "

独自个依前作筏,又飘过西海,直至西牛贺洲地界 "so he made himself another raft like the last one, and floated across the Western Ocean until he came to the Western Continent of Cattle-gift."

登岸遍访多时,忽见一座高山秀丽,林麓幽深 "He went ashore and made extensive and lengthy enquiries until one day he came upon a high and beautiful mountain, thickly forested on its lower slopes."

他也不怕狼虫,不惧虎豹,登山顶上观看 "Not fearing wolves, and undaunted by tigers or leopards, he climbed to the summit to see the view."

果是好山 It was indeed a fine mountain:

千峰排戟, "A thousand peaks brandishing halberds,"

万仞开屏 Screens ten thousand measures tall.

日映岚光轻锁翠, In the sunlight the mountain haze is lightly touched with blue;

雨收黛色冷含青 After the rain the black rocks look coldly green.

瘦藤缠老树, "Withered creepers coil round ancient trees,"

古渡界幽程 And the old ford marks the bounds of the mysterious.

奇花瑞草,修竹乔松 "Strange flowers and precious plants,"

修竹乔松,万载常青欺福地;奇花瑞草,四时不谢赛蓬瀛 "Flourishing in all four seasons, rivaling fairyland."

幽鸟啼声近, "The nearby cry of a hidden bird,"

源泉响溜清 The clear running of a spring.

重重谷壑芝兰绕, "Valley upon valley of musoom and orchid,"

处处巉崖苔藓生 Lichen grows all over the cliffs.

起伏峦头龙脉好, The range rises and dips in dragon-like majesty.

必有高人隐姓名 Surely there mush be lofty hermits here.

正观看间,忽闻得林深之处,有人言语, As he was looking at the view the Monkey King heard a human voice coming from the depths of the forest.

急忙趋步,穿入林中,侧耳而听,原来是歌唱之声 "He rushed into the trees, and when he cocked his ear to listen he heard a song:"

歌曰观棋柯烂, """Watching the chess game I cut tough the rotten,"

伐木丁丁, "Felling trees, ding, ding,"

云边谷口徐行卖薪沽酒,狂笑自陶情 "Strolling at the edge of the cloud and the mouth of the valley,I sell firewood to buy wine,Cackling with laughter and perfectly happy."

苍径秋高对月,枕松根, "I pillow myself on a pine root, looking up at the moon."

一觉天明 When I wake up it is light.

认旧林, Recognizing the old forest

登崖过岭, "I scale cliffs and cross ridges,"

持斧断枯藤 Cutting down withered creepers with my axe.

收来成一担, When I've gathered a basketful

行歌市上, "I walk down to the market with a song,"

易米三升 And trade it for tee pints of rice.

更无些子争竞, "Nobody ee competes with me,"

时价平平 So prices are stable.

不会机谋巧算, "I don't speculate or try sharp practice,"

没荣辱, "Couldn't care less what people think of me,"

恬淡延生 Calmly lengthening my days.

相逢处, The people I meet

非仙即道, "Are Taoists and Immorta,"

静坐讲《黄庭》 "Sitting quietly and expounding the Yellow Court."""

美猴王听得此言,满心欢喜道神仙原来藏在这里! "The Monkey King was overjoyed to hear this, and he said with glee, ""So this is where the Immorta have been hiding."""

即忙跳入里面,仔细再看,乃是一个樵子,在那里举斧砍柴 He bounded deeper into the woods for a closer look and saw that the singer was a woodcutter cutting firewood.

但看他打扮非常 He was wearing the most unusual clothes:

头上戴箬笠, On his head he wore a hat

乃是新笋初脱之箨 Woven from the first skin shed by new bamboo shoots.

身上穿布衣, The clothes on his body

乃是木绵拈就之纱 Were made of yam from the wild cotton-tree.

腰间系环绦, The belt round his waist

乃是老蚕口吐之丝 Was of silk from an old silkworm.

足下踏草履, The straw sanda under his feet

乃是枯莎槎就之爽 Had straps torn from rotten sago trees.

手执衠钢斧, In his hand he held a steel axe

担挽火麻绳 On his back he carried a hempen rope

扳松劈枯树, "At climbing pines and felling dead trees,"

争似此樵能! Who was a match for this woodcutter?

猴王近前叫道 The Monkey King went closer and called to him.

老神仙!弟子起手 """Old Immortal, your disciple greets you."""

那樵汉慌忙丢了斧,转身答礼道不当人!不当人! "The woodcutter dropped his axe in astonishment and turned round to say, ""No, no."

我拙汉衣食不全,怎敢当‘神仙’二字? "I don't even have enough to eat or drink, so how can I possibly let you call me an Immortal?"""

猴王道你不是神仙,如何说出神仙的话来? """If you're not an Immortal,"" the Monkey King said, ""why do you talk like one?"""

樵夫道我说甚么神仙话? """I don't talk like an Immortal,"" the woodcutter said."

猴王道我才来至林边,只听的你说‘相逢处,非仙即道,静坐讲《黄庭》’ """At the edge of the wood just now,"" the Monkey King replied, ""I heard you say, 'The people I meet are Taoists and Immorta, sitting quietly and expounding the Mantingfang.'"

《黄庭》乃道德真言,非神仙而何? "The Mantingfang contains the truth about the Way, so if you're not an Immortal, what are you?"""

樵夫笑道 The woodcutter laughed.

实不瞒你说,这个词名做《满庭芳》,乃一神仙教我的那神仙与我舍下相邻 """It's quite true that the song is called 'The Fragrance of the Mantingfang,' and an Immortal who lives near my hut taught me it."

他见我家事劳苦,日常烦恼,教我遇烦恼时,即把这词儿念念, "He said he saw how hard I had to work and how I was always worried, so he made me sing this song when things were getting me down."

一则散心,二则解困 It lightens my cares and makes me forget my weariness.

我才有些不足处思虑,故此念念不期被你听了 "I was singing it just now because I had some problems on my mind, and I never imagined that you would be listening."""

猴王道你家既与神仙相邻,何不从他修行?学得个不老之方,却不是好? """If you've got an Immortal for a neighbour, you ought to learn from him how to cultivate your conduct and get him to teach you a recipe for eternal youth."""

樵夫道我一生命苦 """I've had a hard life,"" the woodcutter replied."

自幼蒙父母养育至八九岁,才知人事,不幸父丧, """My mother and father brought me up till I was about eight, and just when I was beginning to know about life my father died."

母亲居孀再无兄弟姊妹, "My mother remained a widow, and I had no brothers or sisters."

只我一人,没奈何,早晚侍奉 As I was the only child I had to look after my mother morning and night.

如今母老,一发不敢抛离 Now she is old that I can't possibly leave her.

却又田园荒芜,衣食不足,只得斫两束柴薪,挑向市廛之间,货几文钱,籴几升米,自炊自造,安排些茶饭,供养老母, "Our land is so overgrown that I can't grow enough to feed and clothe both of us, so I have to cut a couple of bundles of firewood to sell in the market for a handful of coppers to buy the few pints of rice that I cook for myself and for my mother."

所以不能修行 "That's why I can't cultivate my conduct."""

猴王道据你说起来,乃是一个行孝的君子, """From what you say,"" the Monkey King replied, ""you're a filial son and a gentleman?"

向后必有好处 you're bound to be rewarded for it one day.

但望你指与我那神仙住处,却好拜访去也 "But I'd be grateful if you could show me where that Immortal lives, so that I can go and pay him my respects."""

樵夫道不远,不远 "The woodcutter said, ""It's not far from here."

此山叫做灵台方寸山山中有座斜月三星洞 "This mountain is the Spirit Tower Heart Mountain, and in it there is the Cave of the Setting Moon and the Tee Stars."

那洞中有一个神仙,称名须菩提祖师 In that cave lives an Immortal called the Patriarch Subhuti.

那祖师出去的徒弟,也不计其数, I don't know how many disciples he has trained?

见今还有三四十人从他修行 there are thirty or forty of them cultivating their conduct with him at the moment.

你顺那条小路儿,向南行七八里远近,即是他家了 "If you take that path South for two or tee miles you'll reach his home."""

猴王用手扯住樵夫道老兄,你便同我去去 "The Monkey King tugged at the woodcutter and said, ""Take me there, Elder Brother."

若还得了好处,决不忘你指引之恩 "If I get anything out of this, I won't forget your kindness."""

樵夫道你这汉子,甚不通变我方才这般与你说了,你还不省? """You idiot,"" the woodcutter replied, ""didn't you understand what I told you just now?"

假若我与你去了,却不误了我的生意?老母何人奉养? "If I went with you I wouldn't be able to earn my living, and who would look after my poor old mother then?"

我要斫柴, I've got to get on with my woodcutting.

你自去,自去 "Go by yourself."""

猴王听说,只得相辞 After hearing this the Monkey King had to take his leave.

出深林,找上路径,过一山坡,约有七八里远,果然望见一座洞府 "He came out of the forest and found the path, which led up a mountain slope for two or tee miles, when he saw the cave."

挺身观看,真好去处! "He pulled himself up to his full height to take a look, and it was a really magnificent place:"

但见烟霞散彩, "Misty clouds scattered colours,"

日月摇光 Sun and moon shimmered bright.

千株老柏, "A thousand ancient cypresses,"

万节修篁 Ten thousand lofty bamboos.

千株老柏, "A thousand ancient cypresses,"

带雨半空青冉冉; A soft green drawing the rain from the sky.

万节修篁, "Ten thousand lofty bamboos,"

含烟一壑色苍苍 And a misty valley is azure blue.

门外奇花布锦, Outside the gate rare flowers spread brocade;

桥边瑶草喷香 Beside the bridge wafts the scent of jade flowers.

石崖突兀青苔润, "Rocky crags jut, glossy with green moss;"

悬壁高张翠藓长 On overhanging cliffs blue lichen grows.

时闻仙鹤唳, Sometimes the call of the crane is heard

每见凤凰翔 And often you see the phoenix soar.

仙鹤唳时, The call of the crane

声振九皋霄汉远; Echoes beyond the Ninth Heaven and the Milky Way.

凤凰翔起, "When the phoenix soars,"

翎毛五色彩云光 The brilliance of its wings colours the clouds.

玄猿白鹿随隐见, Black apes and white deer can be just made out;

金狮玉象任行藏 Golden lions and jade elephants prefer to keep hidden.

细观灵福地, "If you look closely at this happy land,"

真个赛天堂! You will see that it riva paradise.

又见那洞门紧闭,静悄悄杳无人迹 "He saw that the doors of the cave were shut fast, and that everything was still, with no signs of any people."

忽回头,见崖头立一石牌,约有三丈馀高,八尺馀阔, He turned round and noticed that there was a stone tablet about thirty feet high and eight feet wide at the top of the cliff.

上有一行十个大字, On it was carved in enormous letters:


美猴王十分欢喜道此间人果是朴实 "The Monkey King exclaimed with delight, ""The people here really are honest."

果有此山此洞 "The mountain and the cave do exist."""

看勾多时,不敢敲门 "He took a good long look, but did not dare to knock on the door."

且去跳上松枝梢头,摘松子吃了顽耍 He climbed to the and of a pine branch and ate some pine seeds to amuse himself.

少顷间,只听得呀的一声,洞门开处,里面走出一个仙童, "Before long the doors of the cave opened with a creak, and an immortal boy came out."

真个丰姿英伟,像貌清奇,比寻常俗子不同 In the nobility of his bearing and the exceptional purity of his features he was completely different from an ordinary boy.

但见他髽髻双丝绾, "His hair was bound with a pair of silken bands,"

宽袍两袖风 His flowing gown had two capacious sleeves.

貌和身自别, His face and body were naturally distinguished;

心与相俱空 His mind and appearance were both empty.

物外长年客, "For many years a guest beyond the world of things,"

山中永寿童 "An eternal child amid the mountains,"

一尘全不染, "Untouched by any speck of dust,"

甲子任翻腾 He let the years go tumbling by.

那童子出得门来,高叫道甚么人在此搔扰? "When this boy had come out he shouted, ""Who's making that row out here?"""

猴王扑的跳下树来,上前躬身道仙童,我是个访道学仙之弟子, "The Monkey King scampered down the tree, went up to him, and said with a bow, ""Immortal child, I am a disciple who has come to ask about the Way and study under the Immortal."

更不敢在此搔扰 "The last thing I'd do would be to make a row here?"""

仙童笑道 The boy laughed.

你是个访道的么? """So you've come to ask about the Way, have you?"""

猴王道是 """Yes,"" the Monkey King replied."

童子道我家师父,正才下榻,登坛讲道, """Our master has just got up,"" the boy said, ""and has now mounted the dais to expound the Way."

还未说出原由,就教我出来开门 Before he had started to explain about origins he told me to open the door.

说‘外面有个修行的来了, "He said, 'There is someone outside who wants to cultivate his conduct."

可去接待接待’ Go and welcome him.'

想必就是你了? "I suppose he must have meant you."""

猴王笑道是我,是我 """Yes, he meant me,"" the Monkey King said with a smile."

童子道你跟我进来 """Come with me,"" the boy said."

这猴王整衣端,随童子径入洞天深处观看 The Monkey King straightened his clothes and followed the boy deep into the depths of the cave.

一层层深阁琼楼,一进进珠宫贝阙,说不尽那静室幽居,直至瑶台之下 "He saw majestic pavilions and towers of red jade, pearl palaces and gateways of cowry, and countless rooms of silence and secluded cel leading all the way to a jasper dais."

见那菩提祖师端坐在台上,两边有三十个小仙侍立台下 He saw the Patriarch Subhuti sitting on the dais and thirty-six minor Immorta standing below it.

果然是大觉金仙没垢姿, "A golden Immortal of great enlightenment, free from filth,"

西方妙相祖菩提 "Subhuti, the marvel of the Western World."

不生不灭三三行, "Neither dying nor born, he practices the triple meditation,"

全气全神万万慈 His spirit and soul entirely benevolent.

空寂自然随变化, In empty detachment he follows the changes;

真如本性任为之 Having found his true nature he lets it run free.

与天同寿庄严体, "As eternal as Heaven, and majestic in body,"

历劫明心大法师 The great teacher of the Law is enlightened tough aeons.

美猴王一见,倒身下拜,磕头不计其数,口中只道师父!师父!我弟子志心朝礼!志心朝礼! "As soon as the Handsome Monkey King saw him he bowed low and knocked his head on the ground before him many times, saying, ""Master, master, your disciple pays his deepest respects."""

祖师道你是那方人氏? """Where are you from?""the Patriarch asked."

且说个乡贯姓名明白,再拜 """You must tell me your name and address before you can become my pupil."""

猴王道弟子东胜神洲傲来国花果山水帘洞人氏 """I come from the Water Curtain Cave in the Flowers and Fruit Mountain in the land of Aolai in the Eastern Continent of Superior Body,"" replied the Monkey King."

祖师喝令赶出去! """Tow him out,"" the Patriarch roared."

他本是个撒诈捣虚之徒,那里修甚么道果! """He's a liar and a cheat, and even if he tried cultivating his conduct he would get nowhere."""

猴王慌忙磕头不住道弟子是老实之言, "The Monkey King desperately kept hitting his head on the ground and said, ""Your disciple spoke the truth."

决无虚诈 "I promise I wasn't lying."""

祖师道你既老实,怎么说东胜神洲? "The Patriarch asked, ""If you were speaking the truth, why did you say that you came from the Eastern Continent of Superior Body?"

那去处到我这里,隔两重大海,一座南赡部洲,如何就得到此? "Between here and the Eastern Continent there are two seas and the Southern Jambu Continent, so how could you possibly have come here from there?"""

猴王叩头道弟子飘洋过海,登界游方,有十数个年头,方才访到此处 "The Monkey King, still kowtowing, replied, ""I sailed across seas and oceans, crossed frontiers and wandered tough many countries for over ten years before I arrived here."""

祖师道既是逐渐行来的也罢 """So you came here by stages,"" the Patriarch remarked."

你姓甚么? """What is your surname?"""

猴王又道我无性 """I'm not surly,"" the Monkey King replied."

人若骂我,我也不恼; """If people call me names it doesn't bother me, and if they hit me I don't get angry."

若打我,我也不嗔,只是陪个礼儿就罢了 I'm just polite to them and that's that.

一生无性 "I've never been surly."""

祖师道不是这个性 """I didn't ask if you were surly."

你父母原来姓甚么? "I wanted to know the surname you inherited from your parents."""

猴王道我也无父母 """I didn't have any parents,"" the Monkey King replied."

祖师道既无父母,想是树上生的? """If you had no parents, did you grow on a tree?"""

猴王道我虽不是树生,却是石里长的 """I grew not on a tree but in a stone,"" the Monkey King replied."

我只记得花果山上有一块仙石,其年石破,我便生也 """All I remember is that there was a magic stone on the top of the Flower and Fruit Mountain, and that one year the stone split open and I was born."""

祖师闻言暗喜,道这等说,却是天地生成的 "Concealing his delight at searing this, the Patriarch remarked, ""In other words, you were born of Heaven andEarth."

你起来走走我看 "Walk around for a moment and let me have a look at you."""

猴王纵身跳起,拐呀拐的走了两遍 The Monkey King leapt to his feet and shambled round a couple of times.

祖师笑道你身躯虽是鄙陋,却像个食松果的猢狲 "The Patriarch smiled and said, ""Though you have rather a base sort of body, you look like one of the rhesus monkeys that eat pine seeds, "

我与你就身上取个姓氏,意思教你姓‘猢’ and I ought to give you a surname that fits your appearance and call you Hu ('Macaque').

猢字去了个兽傍,乃是古月 "The elements that make up the character Hu are 'animal,' 'old' and 'moon'."

古者,老也;月者,阴也 "What is old is ancient, and the moon embodies the Negative principle, and what is ancient and Negative cannot be transformed."

老阴不能化育,教你姓‘狲’倒好 But I think I would do much better to call you Sun ('Monkey').

狲字去了兽傍,乃是个子系子者,儿男也;系者,婴细也正合婴儿之本论 "Apart from the 'animal' element, the character Sun has one part implying male and one part suggesting a baby, which fits in with my basic theories about children."

教你姓‘孙’罢 "Your surname will be Sun."""

猴王听说,满心欢喜,朝上叩头道好!好!好! "When the Monkey King heard this he kowtowed with delight and said, ""Great!Great!"

今日方知姓也 Now I have a surname.

万望师父慈悲! "I am eternally grateful to you for your mercy and compassion, master."

既然有姓,再乞赐个名字,却好呼唤 "I beg you to give me a personal name to go with my new surname, then it will be much easier to address me."""

祖师道我门中有十二个字,分派起名, """There are twelve words within my sect,"" said the Patriarch, ""which I give as names."

到你乃第十辈之小徒矣 "You belong to the tenth generation of my disciples."""

猴王道那十二个字? """What are these twelve words?""asked the Monkey King."

祖师道乃广、大、智、慧、真、如、性、海、颖、悟、圆、觉十二字 """Broad, great, wisdom, intelligence, true, likeness, nature, sea, bright, awakened, complete and enlightenment."

排到你,正当‘悟’字 "If we work out the generations of disciples, then you should have a name with Wu ('Awakened') in it."

与你起个法名叫做‘孙悟空’好么? "So we can give you the Dharma-name Sun Wukong, which means 'Monkey Awakened to Emptiness'.Will that do?"""

猴王笑道好!好!好! """Marvellous, marvellous,"" said the smiling Monkey King."

自今就叫做孙悟空也! """From now on my name will be Sun Wukong."""

正是 Indeed:

鸿蒙初辟原无姓, When the Great Vagueness was separated there were no surnames;

打破顽空须悟空 To smash foolish emptiness he had to be awakened to emptiness.

毕竟不知向后修些甚么道果,且听下回分解 "If you want to know what success he had in cultivating his conduct, you must listen to the explanation in the next installment."

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